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About Kairos Campaigns

Joshua 10:42 (NIV)

"All these kings and their lands Joshua conquered in ONE CAMPAIGN, because the LORD, the God of Israel, fought for Israel." 


Kairos Campaigns are small malicha style gatherings designed to teach, equip, and train believers to operate in their callings and to advance God's kingdom within their assigned regions


Our camps are designed to ignite small fires in the region to gather those hungry for God's word and presence.  



Administering strong apostolic revelatory teachings.


To bring freedom to regions through deliverance.


Apostolic Alignment & Prophetic Impartation 


Gather or send out strong apostolic teams to assist ministries in regional breakthrough.

Target and destroy specific regional demonic strongholds.

Confirm, further strengthen, establish and repair kingdom cities. 

Deliverance Campaign - 2 Day Gathering

Mission: To train and equip leaders and believers in the arts and dimensions of deliverance.

An apostolic deliverance team comes in an instructs and demonstrates personal, mass and self deliverance as they target and combat specific regional strongholds.  Individual deliverance consultations are done by set appointments throughout the week by deliverance team. 

Restoring Regions Campaign - 3-7 Day Gathering

Mission: To bring reformation to regions through spiritual military assaults. 

Phase 1: Transform the people

To minister to the host region's leadership & people.

(Deliverance, Spiritual Warfare)

Phase 2: Transform the city. ​

Minister to the city at large. (Evangelism)


The 5G Network Campaign - 3-7 Day Gathering

Mission: to build and advance the Lord's house by gathering and equipping emerging leadership with fresh insight of the 5 fold ministry. To bring added support and upgrade to active 5 fold ministry leadership.

The Ex-Men Campaign - 1-2 Day Gathering

Mission: To gather those who were delivered from addictions, sexual perversions, etc. in one place to bring glory to the Father through testimonials, praise and worship to encourage others who are still dealing with their struggles and offer freedom through biblical teaching and deliverance. 

Hedgemakers International - Monthly Gathering

Mission: To gather intercessors from the 52 states of the nation to form a unified front of targeted intercession. This Hedge of intercession was strategically designed to flow through the vehicles of prayer, fasting and spiritual warfare. Our heart beat is to turn the heart of the nation back to God through prayer.

Sexual Healing Campaign - 2 Day Gathering

Mission: These campaigns were designed to Locate, Expose & Destroy, demonic strongholds of sexual perversion and immorality within the Body of Christ. Rated 'M' for Mature.

Spiritual Warfare Campaign - 2-3 Day Gathering

Mission: ​To teach and train believers in the operations of spiritual warfare and deliverance. These gatherings are highly proven to produce lasting results in engaging and overcoming regional strongholds and territorial spirits. 

The Broken Arrows Campaign - 2 Day Gathering

Mission: To repair and restore our youth and young adults' relationships with their families and God.

Individual and family counseling sessions, biblical teachings, interactive studies, prayer, praise, worship & deliverance. 

The Suddenly Campaign - 2 Day Gathering

Mission: To birth and strengthen the intimacy levels of ministries with the Father through the conduits of intercessory prayer, fasting, spiritual warfare and praise & worship within the fabric and foundation of kingdom cities (ministries)

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